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Videos: interludes and backdropsEdit

For the fashion credits, see each video on the synopsis of Theater or Arena version.
  • Concept and direction — Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben (SHOWstudio)
  • Creative direction — Matthew Williams (Haus) and the Haus of Gaga
  • Styling — Nicola Formichetti (Haus) and the Haus of Gaga
  • Hair stylist — Sam McKnight
  • Makeup artist — Val Garland
  • Manicurist — Marian Newman
  • Production — Sarah Podesta (Gainsbury & Whiting)
  • Director of photography — Daniel Landin
  • Camera — Sony PDW-700 HD
  • 2nd Camera Assistant (AC) — Louise Murphy
  • Grip — Godfrey stuart
  • Animation — Sam Pattinson and Luke Halls (Onedotzero Industries)
  • 3D animation — Kevin Stenning (Rapido3D) and BURSTvisual
  • Video editing — Ruth Hogben (SHOWstudio)
  • Video programmer — Matt Shimamoto for PRG
  • Video screens producer — Sam Pattinson (The Third Company)

Theater VersionEdit

  • Musical Director – Jeff Bhasker
  • Set Design – Es Devlin
  • Set building – Tait Towers
  • Lighting Design – Willie Williams
  • Lighting Director – Ethan Weber
  • The Orbit by Nasir Mazhar and Haus of Gaga


  • Guitar – Adam Smirnoff
  • Drums – Charles Haynes
  • Keyboards – Pete Kuzma
  • Keytar – Lady Gaga ("Just Dance")
  • Keyboards/Bass – Mitch Cohn (after the concert in Boston in December, 2009)

Arena VersionEdit

  • Musical Director – Joe "Flip" Wilson
  • Show Director – Arthur Fogel
  • Lighting/Set/Scenic Designer – Leroy Bennett
  • Set building – Tait Towers
  • Set Sculptures – Nick Knight and Kevin Stenning (Rapido3D), BURSTvisual


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