Opening ActsEdit

Theater VersionEdit

Arena VersionEdit

We Scissor Sisters are thrilled to be a part of Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour 2011. It’s a perfect opportunity to join forces with a such a kindred spirit

—Scissor Sisters


There are two versions of the Monster Ball Tour.

Theater VersionEdit

To see a summary of the theater version, go here: The Monster Ball Tour/Show/Theater NOTE: This summary does not include the Jingle Bell Ball of December 5th, 2009 and New Years Eve performance of January 31st, 2009. While they contain elements of The Monster Ball, they're far too different from the standard Monster Ball structure. More info on those two concerts can be found here: 2009/December.

Arena VersionEdit

To see a summary of the arena version, go here: The Monster Ball Tour/Show/Arena

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