Tank Girl (Film)Edit

The interlude is largely black and white. The first scene is Lady Gaga with red lipstick in slow-motion after she received a slap in the face. The second scene is Gaga on top of a tank. The music was a short edit of ""Dirty Freak (Original Mix)" by Filthy Rich with a vocal sample of Beautiful, Dirty, Rich. {C}


Fashion was performed on November 27 to December 3, 2009 only. The song had the intro and ending extended, the rest was similar to the album version.

The live band performed an instrumental interlude leading to song on December 3, 2009.

For the entireduration of the Egypt Act, Gaga wore a gold Egyptian styled crown with matching body suit. The backdrop used were variations of traingles with stars inside it, dust and scenes with Gaga with Alexander McQueen's shoes. For this song, the backdrop had a triangle with stars inside of it and the screen filled with stars.

  1. Gaga - Crown and body suit by Zaldy Goco: 11/27/09 - 1/26/10, boots by Zaldy Goco (11/27/09), boots by Pink Cobra (11/28/09 - 1/26/10)

The FameEdit

Gaga played the piano during this song on November 27. Later performances included elements from deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n' Stuff.

From December 21 to January 14, Gaga performed a medley of The Fame / Money Honey / Beautiful, Dirty, Rich. 

On January 21, she held the spiked ball chain from the Oprah performance.

  1. Gaga - Crown and body suit by Zaldy Goco: 11/27/09 - 1/26/10, boots by Zaldy Goco (11/27/09), boots by Pink Cobra (11/28/09 - 1/26/10), spiked ball and chain (1/20/10 - 1/26/10)
Dancers - Leather jackets by Haus of Gaga
Backdrop - Sunglasses by Versace, shoes by Alexander McQueen (x),

Money HoneyEdit

- On November 27, Gaga used an ending remix using the "Raven Film" music mixed with the "Puke Film" music {C}

Beautiful, Dirty, RichEdit

For the first part of the tour, the song was remixed with element from Dirty Freak from November 27 to December 19, 2009. The album version was performed on December 21 to January 26, 2010. {C}On the opening night, "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" was sung after "Just Dance" instead of being sung after "Money Honey". {C}

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