The Oak Room is a bar in The Plaza Hotel in New York City that features guest vocalists.

September 29, 2010Edit

Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance and performed alongside a friend, and musician, Brian Newman.

  • She wore fishnet stockings, a cape made of hair, and a large array of necklaces, while stripping down her make-up to eye-liner and mascara.
  • The performance was kept a secret until a staff member tweeted "Lady Gaga here tonight. Maybe we’ll get a serenade in The Oak Bar tonight!"
  • An audience member revealed that "[t]here were no tickets sold, she sang three songs as a surprise gig because she’s friends with the musician we have on Wednesdays, Brian Newman." "She stayed for about an hour but photos were not permitted. Her entourage watched out for that and flashed a light at anyone taking pictures."
  • " - Lonelydreams+champagne streams,plaza courtyards, I can't swim among them, so ill drinkinstead a star" 9:32 PM Sep 29th via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Set list
  1. "Orange Colored Sky"
  2. "Someone to Watch Over Me"
  3. "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye"
Lady Gaga is wearing an outfit by VPL, shoes by Alexander McQueen, and a necklace by On Aura Tout Vu.

January 5, 2011Edit

Lady Gaga made another surprise appearance at the bar and performed alongside musician and friend Brian Newman once again. She wore a black cut out leather dress and garters.

Set list
  1. "Orange Colored Sky"
  2. "Someone to Watch Over Me"
Lady Gaga is wearing an outfit by Bordelle.

July 29, 2014Edit

Gaga was seen arriving and leaving the Bar.

Lady Gaga is wearing an outfit by DSquared² (“Perturbed Wonderful” Fall 2014), and ""Mollie shoes by Sophia Webster (Autumn/Winter 2014).

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