The Portal in the Park








8.7 x 5.8 x 0.2 inches


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The Portal in the Park is a children's book "The Portal In The Park", which comes with a bonus CD of Grand Master Melle Mel rapped narration. The audio book was written by M. Cricket (Maura) Cassey with him. The book has 11 chapters and 7 songs (Lady Gaga is featured on "World Family Tree" and "Fountain of Truth"). The entire book is read by Grandmaster Melle Mel. The book was released in 2010 with 'featuring Lady Gaga' in bold. The first version had only a small place with Lady Gaga credited.


Scott is a typical eleven-year-old boy who pulls the reader with him into a world of spiritual awakenings of the body and mind. He accidentally falls through a portal and takes a scary journey into another dimension inhabited by creatures who attempt to destroy his spirit. But then, magical creatures who speak and sing their conversations teach Scott about feelings and emotions and the importance of exercise to build endorphins—the body’s natural stress relievers. Throughout his travels he explores good and evil, and experiences a personal transformation.


  • "Destiny" (Performed and written by Melle Mel.)
  • "Viroid Battle Song" (Performed and written by Melle Mel.)
  • "Get a Life" (Performed and written by Melle Mel.)
  • "Fountain of Truth" (Performed and arranged by Melle Me & Lady Gaga, written by Melle Mel and Cricket Casey.)
  • "When I Laugh" (Performed by Melle Mel and Joey Mekkah, written by Melle Mel.)
  • "World Family Tree" (Performed by Melle Mel, Brittany Beal, and Lady Gaga.)
  • "Activity-Not Passivity" (Performed by Melle Mel, written by Melle Mel and Cricket Casey.)


2006 EditionEdit

2010 EditionEdit


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