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The Short List is a show on VH1 airing weekly with a topic, and then a countdown of 10 items.

July 30, 2010 Edit

They did an episode on Lady Gaga's fashion and styles, entitling it "10 Craziest Lady Gaga Fashion Moments".

  1. The Lobster Headpiece (Dinner at Mr. Chow Restaurant in London)
  2. Pearl outfit (and face) (2009 amFAR Gala)
  3. Bubble Dress (The Fame Ball Tour)
  4. Pyro Bat (The X-Factor)
  5. Latex Red Suit (Meeting the Queen of England)
  6. The Living Dress (The Monster Ball Tour)
  7. The BRITS Dress and Wig (2010 BRIT Awards)
  8. Kermit the Frog Top (German interview)
  9. The Red Outfit (MTV Video Music Awards)
  10. Pyro-Bra (2009 MuchMusic Video Awards)

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