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Thin White Duke is the name of the third week of Transmission Gagavision released on July 29, 2008.



Announcer: Alright guys! Make some knows! All the way from New York City to us, Lady Gaga!

Performs LoveGame and Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Lady Gaga: He came over and he was like "What's the lighting bolt about" on my face. Now that's the first sign of what's wrong with... It's like, you're a little weird but I like you.
Dina:Womp, womp, womp.
Lady Gaga:Wah, wah, wah. Then I said, well it's a tribute to Bowie. And he was like, "Oh." And anyone who doesn't know that the lighting bolt is a tribute to Bowie clearly like, absolutely does not know who Bowie is. Which I... A life without Bowie is a life not lived. An the the whores in the nighty kept coming over and was like, "That show was so Bowie." And I was thinking, "Okay." Not so much, you know what we do.

Performs Just Dance


|@<|y g@g@ -- Transmission Gagavision -- |@<|y g@g@ 3x
Lady Gaga "The Fame" album out September 2008 4x
|@<|y g@g@ -- A Life Without Bowie Is A Life Not Lived -- |@<|y g@g@ 1x 1x


Episode GuideEdit

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