Lada Gaga Behind-the-Scenes ELLE Cover Shoot January 201002:03

Lada Gaga Behind-the-Scenes ELLE Cover Shoot January 2010

Behind the Scenes ELLE Cover Shoot January 2010
Director N/A
Editing N/A
Music "Bad Romance"

Tom Munro on Gaga: She's quite a character. We originally intended to shoot her on a set. But sometimes when you have an idea, it doesn't necessarily gel and we ended up shooting her in a studio environment and really concentrating on her personality. That's another thing I learned from working with Steven: You can have an idea, but it doesn't always translate well on the day of the shoot, and you have to be open to changing your mind and not getting stuck. With a celebrity, it's not like you can go back the next day if you don't get it right.

"Obviously she’s very image-conscious. She understands pictures, and who she is, and who she wants to be. I would say that she’s quite an eccentric character and very smart. I think that’s really who she is, I don’t think it’s something she’s manufacturing.

"She was quite quiet [at the shoot]. I think she was pretty tired, her schedule is probably hectic. She was focused on what we were doing.

"What we tried to do [for these photos] was take her out of character, but she’s so connected to it that that didn’t work out.

"It’s refreshing to see someone exploring that side and not doing it in a calculated way for shock factor. I think she’s very comfortable in her role."

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