On this page are found all the Lady Gaga's tweets.


  • During 2008, she tweeted 8 times.
«op rehearsing for my video just dance and am now at wmc to perform at the Armani and nervous records party. But I am no nervous record! ...» March 26
«Hello my filthy , fabulous, dirty rich, fame lovers. I'm in Miami right now, just had a crazy week/ day preparing for winter music confe ...» March 26
«me " hello, my little fishy" in his accent..I could cry disco mirrors. Yes and I am as shiny and ready as ever. Look out south beach. On ...» March 26
«sequin catsuit thats been painted to my tired little bod, post tommy boy party, where I met the incredible dj bob sinclair "world! Hold ...» March 26
«Xx peace love disco and u Miami, are a sunny, glamorous, mess of winter music madness. Gaga» March 28
«rds performance I had a blast ( amazing gay club..they dont eat but they love cake!) and thank u to my interscope team for my disco ball ...» March 28
«What an incredible day! Armani exchange party, I love you! Thank you so much for ur fabulous-esses and support of the fame. I met Sirius ...» March 28
«right..gaga turned a mirrored panty humping a miami gogo dancer at 2 am to the beat of my first single "just dance" best birthday ...» March 28


  • During 2009, she tweeted 187 times.
«just got off stage in brussels, incredible audience. lovegame leaked today. i call this "video rape." loveyou to all my fans. so so much xxg» February 13
«happy valentine's day. don't be depressed. nothing some blush and a tiara wont fix. 3 shows today. 2 down, one to go. xxgagaloo» February 14
«in my apt in hollywood, the whole haus is here. sketches sprawled out on the kitchen table, cellphones ringing, fabric swatches in my sushi» March 2
«the fameball tour is upon us. xxgaga» March 2
«getting my hair done. lavender blond is my newest obsession. 7 days till the fame ball. ill begin vomiting with creative anxiety on the 9th.» March 4
«at rehearsal. mommy hasn't slept in 4 days. just did a run-through. get ready kids. were comin for you. production loads in at 5am. redwine.» March 8
«Just finished rehearsal. 4 am call for the view. 2 days till fameball. Vomitorium.» March 10
«Turn on the view...about to give america the flu» March 10
«On my way to the final fameball rehearsal. 18hrs and counting. We've built the rocketships. Now its time to leave the earth. Xoxo» March 10
«Final rehearsal has ended. Another sleepless night. I have tailored every fiber in the fabric of my show. Let's go see Life on Mars.Xgagaloo» March 11
«At radio stations in San Diego. The Fame Ball is upon us. Happy birthday joanne. Today is for you. Xxgagaloo» March 12
«Mental. Vomit. Bubble dreams.» March 13
«in seattle. getting ready for the show. highschool gfs here. eyelashes and glue, da da dum di doo.

xx» March 16

«in MN, fame ball continues. old gang from NY is here. Lady Starlight + Mr. L Carl. denim and leather, brought us all together.x» March 23
«If you guys want extra info on what I'm up to follow Ladystarlightny on twitter. she's on fameball. Xxexclusive. Heavymetal queen. Sleaze. March 23
«4 shows in chicago. 2 private, 2 public Whole gang is here, planning away nervously for music video....and other april 1st shenanigans. Xx» March 24
«Rolling through radio. Chicago was sick. The walls were rattling, brilliant and mental..I love

Ladystarlightny...follow her twitter. Xx» March 25

«My sweet kitchener kiddies. U were lovely. Off to fubar for drinks with the haus...redwine and canada, where it all started. Xxgagaloo» March 27
«On my way to Fubar...waterloo baby.» March 27
«My long hair is back today, lavender locks for my birthday! tonight at midnight. 23. Its been the best year of my life, I'm so grateful. xx» March 27
«So happy, my family suprised me in montreal. In bed with my gorgeous sister. Eggs and presents and laughter. With our matching haircuts! :)» 'March 28
«Trans gagavis are NOT gone forever. Current epis. are 6 months old and I felt it was unfair to the fans. Go to ladystarlightnyc youtube chan» March 29
«Ladystarlight is directing and producing beautiful videos with me and the old gang from ny see previews at» March 29
«Vocal rest and Hair bleach» March 30
«Pre-show lipstick and whiskey. Starlight and the gang are here. Raise your glasses Boston, we servin up some *pagne» March 30
«Palm springs, for a little sunshine, and a whole lotta dinah. Listening to louis prima getting ready...cough syrup in my purse» April 4
«On my way to soundcheck for show tonight. Dinah shore here we come.» April 4
Oh my dinah shore how I love you. Off to orlando for the fame ball to continue. How I've missed u. xx» April 5
«Dance rehearsal with mommy laurie xx» April 7
«Palm springs, white party I'm ready for u. Might pee a little I'm so excited to see the boys xxx» April 10
«I have the greatest fans in the world. Last night in atlanta it was beer in one hand, glitter in the other, wigs, fasion...ure my everything» April 10
«Happy easter my friends! Dance rehearsal and cooking. Paparazzi video is upon us. White party was so amazing, thank u for having me! Xoxo» April 12
«How I love london, paparazzi video is so beautiful...i could die.» April 15
«Shopping in london. Fashion. So good I could die.» April 17
«Germany, LOVE. German fans, killer. Let the umbrella obsession begin.» April 18
«En route airplane, back to london. Can't wait for paul o'grady...and to flutter around the beautiful city, I love u my amzing uk fans.» April 19
«These boots are made for walkin. Knx.» April 20
«Radio gaga» April 21
«I just saw a fan write my lyrics on a paparazzi car. You're bad ass and I love you. Xxloveandart gaga» April 21
«Amsterdam. Tv performance. all we need is love, and art, and eachother.

Xxgaga» April 22

«J'adore Paris. Je vous adore. Et "the lord gave me my face, but I can pick my own nose."» April 23
«Andrew Warhola» April 23
«Chester French, super talented. Opened for me on fameball and their album is out this week. A modern 1960's surf-pop/hip-hop. Checkit out xo» April 23
«In russia doing research.» April 25
«They tried to arrest me in Russia for leather at st.basil's. But all is well in red square, as I leave the East tout a coup. Parisbound..» April 25
«They tried to arrest me in Russia, for leather at St. Basil's. But all is calm in the red square, as I leave the east Parisbound.» April 21
«Dancing with the stars tonight. 2moro with the moons.» May 19
«Nova radio. No makeup obsession. Just blood red lips and wigs.» May 20
«Rolling in bed, watching the aussie sun rise. What a beautiful audience in new castle. today I play with the wild things.» May 21
«Monster» May 22
«Stop leaking my motherfucking videos» May 28
«Video debuted on Aussie Sunrise. The Haus is dancing!..."Just a little homicidal soft porn on a Sunday morning"- best quote ever» May 31
«Faith no more covered poker face. I can now die a happy woman. Such a huge fan.» June 13
«I love korea!! Xoxo» June 17
«Much Music Awards with my best friends. The haus is feverishly at work. Its a long way to the top if you wanna rockn'roll.» June 21
«I wrote "second time around" recently for a current recording artist. I don't know why people insist on leaking my work.» July 7
«Iwhoever stole my much music outfit, the haus curses you with a future of fashion travesties....i miss & love my fans. see u soon in paris.» July 7
«i miss my perezee, at isle of mtv in malta, i can't believe im back, full circle. im so grateful for this year. xxo» July 7
«in paris, coffee and cigarettes looking through jean-paul gautier's show and salivating like a starved fashion gangster. C'est genial. xxox» July 7
«on the bus. a full haus. strange singalongs, celebration of a great show. we love you ireland, thanks for getting us drunk, and kicking ass.» July 12
«I miss NewYork. My heart hurts.» July 15
«"I wear black on the outside, because black is how I feel on the inside"-morrissey. Thank god for my fans. I love you.» July 16
«Dash Snow R.I.P.x» July 16
«Anytime sunshine :)» July 16
«I love lee strasberg, he makes me miss school» July 18
«Writing new music today. Monster music. Take me to the nearest studio, and in coffee shops we'll dream» July 19
«A poem for my fans: "in every minute of the day, the truth is that I'm dead, until I'm here on stage, with you, then I'm alive instead"-me» July 21
«Going on stage in switzerland, who is sliimy?» July 21
« is the best! I love you guys, thanks for being the best fans ever. You're doing a great job. Xxgagaloo» July 22
«In ibiza. Wanna slip the dj my new records so bad... self-control mantras in effect. redwine!!» July 23
«Amsterdam ay yi yi yi. You were an amazing crowd, which I could keep you.» July 25
«Lavender wig is back in full force. I'm so happy I could die» July 26
«Whatever I thought I'd lost, Ive found again. For good. Thank u hamburg.» July 26
«@PerezHilton. I miss u :( ** sad face two tears. In hamburg, had a brilliant show! Be back soon, will squeeze and hug u till u pass out!xoxo» July 27
«in studio in finland...composing for haus fashion videos..can't wait for the show!» July 28
«So jealous wanna die my best friends are seeing glasvegas and I'm nottt with them.. geraldine! I will wear raybans and do my makeup instead.» July 29
«Obsessing over my new muses. Miss you little monsters, be home soon xx in norway hustlin.» July 30
«Coffee and a ciggy in Denmark, making hair sculptures, writing music....I could find truth in this red lipstick all day. the joys of a wench» July 31
«i can't wait for my sweetie perez to meet me in tokyo! missu» July 31
«just woke up, headache and the stink of jameson. ahh but the lyrics on the bedside. it was all worth it.» August 3
«Just did a photoshoot with araki in tokyo. A true legend.» August 5
«On way to osaka with perez. Roadies!!!! Noodle takeout and hairsculptures» August 6
«prüfen Sie, ob er in der tiefsten Stelle Ihres Herzens seine Wurzeln ausstreckt, gestehen Sie sich ein, ob Sie sterben müßten» August 6
«wenn es Ihnen versagt würd» August 6
«e zu schreiben.muß?ich?schreiben?» August 2
«Love you Japan! Pokerface just went #1! Thanku!!. My show was so good last night. I just had to go home and suck my own hermie dick, suckka» August 7
«I've been excited ALL SUMMER to play at SUMMERSONIC 2009 in tokyo + osaka! Thank u, you're the most badass fans. What a killer midnight show» August 8
«Coming to the phillipines 2moro, not this AM ..still in korea!I can't wait 2 c my beautiful fans! Don't wait at airport today! Love you xx» August 10
«Thank u so much for my 1st TEEN CHOICE AWARD!! I'm so honored!! My fans kick ass,I live for u! Congrats to my dear kanye for his award too!» August 11
«Just headlined my first arena ALONE, after opening for years. Thank you manila, never forget u. Luv my fans so much, u r the reason I'm here» August 11
«Just landed in SINGAPORE, heard there were rumors show was cancelled, NO WAY! Were over-sold out! On my way now, can't wait to see you! Xoxo» August 12
«Saw beyonce live, from the stage. She's an amazing performer, and a beautiful person, inside and a strong ass woman.xx» August 13
«Tel aviv was amazing, thankyou for being such an incredible crowd, I felt so much love during the show..back to london. you little monsters.» August 20
«They can't scare me, if I scare them first. X» August 22
«Stage manager pulled the plug because I was 5 minutes over my time at V fest. Show was incredible. Ashame people have no respect for music.» August 23
«My fans were lovely and really deserved to hear pokerface. I love you and I'm sorry. X» August 23
«Thank you chelmsford for a true ROCKNROLL show last night, you were amazin. Sweatin. Pumpin. Glitter. Dance music. Off to kanyegaga tour, uk» August 24
«Haus at work, planning for vma's, listening to depeche mode. Good luck to all my future stars at laurie's audition, you're the future,loveux» August 25
«SCo-headlining with kanye this fall, akon opening is a rumor» August 30
«Day 8 of training for tour, miss my little monsters» September 1'
«Back to eastern europe for more inspiration miss my little monsters» September 6
«Aaliyah marathon doing makeup, she's an angel» September 7
«Three countries in one day today, wish I could kidnap a fan from each and bring them to the vma's» September 8
«Thank u a million time to my beautiful fans for incredible time in London yesterday, those of u who camped..SUPERFANS in my heart till death» September 9
«Je vous adore paris! A bientot!! A newyork pour MTV music award militant rehearsal. Can't wait to see the haus, its gonnabe a killer weeked» September 10
«God Bless New York and everyone whose life was stolen on 9/11. Back home today, doing charity for the mercy center, then rehearsal. Xiloveny» September 11
«Marc jacobs/vmagazince perfomance inspired by my favorite new artist this year: check out his version of 'just dance': ladies+gents: gary-go» September 15
«Listening to mika's new record. Brilliant.» September 18
«In studio writing music, already used up a whole can of hairspray. Feels like home. And then some.xxxmissmylittlemonsterfans» September 18
«God Bless New York and everyone whose life was stolen on 9/11. Back home today, doing charity for the mercy center, then rehearsal. Xiloveny» September 24
«Fame Kills: starring gaga+west tour goes on sale today! In the studio finishin up my records, can't wait to perform all these new songs live» September 26
«Still leaving on solo TOUR this nov. Announcing next week. leaked next single is makin my ears bleed. Wait till you hear the real version ;)» October 2
«To all my fans who are already twittering the new song lyrics *i love you* you are true music lovers and superfans. Get ready for snl» October 3
«Tonight in the spirit of fashion week,Haus of gaga premieres fashion installation"the orbit" By:Haus of gaga in collab w Nasir Mahzar on SNL» October 3
«My friend and inspiration Alexander Mcqueen has his show in Paris Today. Watch it LIVE at:» October 6
«BAD ROMANCE in Mcqueen's paris show in 30 minutes» October 6

«@perezhilton work it move that bitch crazy! can u come to ny please» October 6
«#stopleakinggaga ha!» October 7
«Revealing THE FAME MONSTER Album covers shot by HEDI SLIMANE today. Tweet to reveal the Album covers!

Here's the link

http://intersc ...» October 9

«Here's the link» October 9

«So proud to be apart of HRC event, our brilliant president has taken a stand against hatred/inequality in the gay community.» October 11
«It was a historical night. Now is the time for you to get out of your beds, pack your bags, and meet me in DC to march 2moro for equality.» October 11
« - the real monster ball poster. photography and art direction by. haus of gaga» October 15
«@yokoono i am so touched to hear from you, you are the most inspirational woman. double fantasy is the reason i love+make music. loveusister» October 15
«@ryanleejohnson can't wait to see you at the show in radiocity. how have you been are u feeling well? xx gagaloo» October 15
«I'm so honored to win 2 latin american mtv awards. I love you thank u for your love and support. Alejandro is coming.xxgagaloo» October 16
«My Daddy had open heart surgery today. And after long hours, and lots of tears, they healed his broken heart, and mine. Speechless.» October 22
«At the hospital. Giving daddy a footrub while he falls asleep. He's my hero.» October 24
«Haus of GaGa directs fashion video with the incredible Kathryn Ferguson. View at: Music composed by gaga, Styling:Haus» October 26
«Thank you to all my amazing beautiful fans for supporting Bad Romance. I feel safe and protected by you. I will always do the same for you.» October 27
«Listening to bad romance on Z100 cruisin around the city. Lots of tears and shameless vogueing, feels like the first time I heard just dance» October 27
@perezhilton miss u buddy, thanks for all your support with papa gaga this week x» October 27
«Going out in nyc tonight, to drink until I fall. First ten to recognize its me, get seats at MONSTERBALL. Xxgagamonster» October 31
«THE FAME is the first album in history to have four #1 radio hits! i wish i could wrap my arms around my little monsters, the reason is u.xx» November 3
«i mean the first debut album*, thank you to my fans, i miss you awful.» November 3
«Just left showstudio exhibition in london with the haus, so inspiring, fishchips+ monsterball, whiskey and sketches, let the Knight begin» November 5
«Have an important announcement tonight on german tv Wetten little monsters...» November 5
«Just left showstudio exhibition in london with the haus, so inspiring, fishchips+ monsterball, whiskey and sketches, let the Knight begin» November 7
«Fashion installations/video conceived by Haus of Gaga in collaboration with Alexander Mcqueen's "Plato's Atlantis.". 11.10.09. Bad Romance.» November 10
«go to: to see breakdown of Fashion and current young designer collaborations with the Haus of Gaga» November 5
«Just left showstudio exhibition in london with the haus, so inspiring, fishchips+ monsterball, whiskey and sketches, let the Knight begin» November 12
«Calling all little monsters: submit your own film creations to in theme of the “apocalypse”» November 13
«The winning artist’s work will feature in MONSTERBALL which I'm proud to announce is a full collaboration with the incredible Nick Knight.xx» November 13
«Been watching all of your video submissions, you are some very talented little monsters, I love you!» November 16
«Seems as though my twitter was hacked yesterday. I could be angry, except I secretly love how psychotically smart my fans are.» November 17
«Tonight, raise a glass to mend all the broken hearts of all my wrecked up friends.» November 22
«Love u my little monsters» November 23
«to all my beautiful fans, i love you more than anything. thanku 4 making the fame monster #1 on itunes. you are the only reward i need xgaga» November 23
«Sending all my little monsters little pizzas for waiting all night for me at best buy. I hope you're up I love u!» November 23
«Performing on jay leno tonight! On my way to instore to hug and kiss u all» November 23
«At the arena in montreal, strapping on my leather boots and knee pads. We dance and we rehearse till we bleed. Happy turkey little monsters.» November 26
«You had 96 hrs to learn the lyrics. I can hear u screaming.» November 27
«Love my fans eternal, off to boston for rehearsal. Ottawa, u were sensational. Whiskey, ciggy+ a dream, godblessmymonsters and their teeth.» November 30
«Boston ate my heart, and I don't want it back» December 2
«sitting in my dressing room, puttin on my wig and lipstick, wondering how I got here. I am so grateful. 6 grammy nominations little monsters» December 3
«Thank u for always believing in me, you are the kingdom of my music. I will always have faith in you my friends. You are the fame. Xxgagaloo» December 3
«Nothin like a whiskey, fish + chips in the UK to prepare for the Queen» December 4
«Xfactor, jingleball, the queen and royal variety. I will brave another 24 hrs in these heels and dress, because my monsters would want me to» December 8
«Just finished performing for new site Vevo, miss my fans so much. See u in vancouver monsters xxgaga» December 9
«What a party, I am so sure I have the best fans in the whole world, thank u for 3 amazing nights vancouver. 2 nights foreplay and a home run» December 12
«@preciousweapons I'm so lucky to have real friends like you that new me from the begininng. I'm lucky, you are precious to me :)» December 12
«@preciousweapons knew* me» December 12
«To all my amazing fans,Thank you for making Bad Romance #1 in the UK! I love you more than anything. What a year its been, what a monster.» December 13
«On the royal variety tonight in blackpool, performing for the queen in my best dress» December 16
«vegas was great, thank you for being extra slutty» December 18
«monsterball is amazing,enjoy while u can. im already redesigning it for 2010, the haus tells me there's hospitals who accept people like me» December 19

Happy birthday ;)» December 20

«Best tweet of all time: @wubbolicious got so drunk celebrating b4 @ladygaga 's concert in SF i blacked out and missed the whole thing! :(» December 21
«on a scale of 1 to 10 exactly HOW intoxicated are you in the crowd. PLEASE don't faint in crowd tonight little monsters, it distracts me :)» December 22
«gaga wars» December 23
«Tonight for xmas, they told me december marks 1 year since the fame was released, and today we are 8 million albums sold. I love u monsters» December 24
««gaga wars» December 23» December 24
«#ladygaygay» December 24
«Show me your teeth new orleans» December 28
«ð» December 30
«Two shows, about 13 outfits, 15,000 little monsters, and sticky champagne, and I don't care if its miami I'm still wearing leather» December 31

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