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Intro about the six music videos, two with other artists. Related videos..

The FameEdit

Music videos as lead artistEdit

3-31-08 Ari Michelson 012
7-0-08 Meeno 002
Gaga Poker-1921
Poker Face
Ray Kay director
1-9-09 Meeno 015
Joseph Kahn director
1-10-09 Meeno 003

Music videos as featured artistEdit

0-0-08 Don&#039;t Give Up 001
The Midway State ft. Lady Gaga
Don't Give Up - unreleased
Uncredited director
5-4-09 Angela Rowlings 018
Wale ft. Lady Gaga
Chris Robinson director

Related videosEdit

The Fame, Pt. 1 - short film
Uncredited director
Transmission Gagavision - web series
Haus of Gaga directors
6-25-09 Kasia Bobula 002
Dazed Digital x Lady Gaga - short film
Kathryn Ferguson director
Untitled - Tour visuals
Uncredited director
12-31-08 Crevettes Films The Heart 008
Who Shot Candy Warhol? - tour visuals
Jamal Hill, Lady Starlight & Lady Gaga directors
Pop Culture Parking Lot 001
Pop Culture Parking Lot - web series
Lady Starlight directors

Other appearancesEdit

For interviews, see this page in the Media hub.
6-10-08 The Hills S04E05 001
The Hills - tv shows
6-14-09 F1 Rocks 2009 ads 001
7-15-09 Children in Need Commercial
Children in Need - ads
6-19-09 Tap Tap 001
6-19-09 Carsten Molis 001
It's fun. - ads
Uncredited director


  • Mix tour visuals with related videos, add the type of content before the title (example: tour visuals) or do it as "Name - type" instead like MUSIC.
  • Faire la même chose pour Media ..diviser seulement quand on a beaucoup de matériel ou que c'est pertinent!

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