Born This Way

Agpuh February 13, 2011 User blog:Agpuh

I wonder why people don't use their blogs, they seem really usefull when you have a thought or a concern you want to share.

I want to know what people think of Born This Way. I myself love it but it had to grow on me. When I heard it premere, I was underwhelmed and immediatley thought of Express Yourself. I ended up singing Express Yourself, not Born This Way, my entire day at school. Then I listened to it again, and I started liking it more. As I heard it play throughout the day, I liked it more and more and now i am borderline loving it. Also, the more famaliar I became with the song, the less it sounded like Express Yourself. I havent bought the single yet. i'm waiting till next week to give the song chart longevity.

What does everyone else think?

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