So wikia recently released a Chat feature for all wikis. It's still knew and they acknowledge several bugs (see below) that they are currently being worked on in order to remove them. The Gagapedia will hopefully (I don't make those decisions :P) have the Chat feature. I requested Mikael for it, and my intentions for the Chat is to primarily be a tool of collaboration than social communication. With this tool, it is easy to edit a popular page without worrying about another person making a change while you were working on the page. So, for example, when creating the transcripts for the Gagavisions. One person on chat could ask another to type a particular scene on chat, while the other types another scene. Through chat, the other person can send the scene to the person making the edit. This saves time and ends confusion. This is also useful to report a problem or ask questions. Talk pages are useful to leave a message for when a particular person is away, but if they are on the Gagapedia concurrently as you, the responses will be more immediate.


   * Sometimes identities get mixed up, and a user can send messages as another user.
         o Fixed. 
   * It doesn't work in Monobook.
         o Monobook to be a skin option for users who want to minimize the user experience changes they experience from Wikia. Out of respect for that, we are not adding chat to that skin. You can manually access Wikia Chat from Monobook by visiting Special:Chat?useskin=wikia 
   * A user appears in the userlist multiple times.
   * Some messages are sent (or are posted) twice.
   * General speed and disconnect/connect issues.
         o We continue to push new fixes everyday to address this. This is our #1 concern! 


For more information on Chat, see this page Chat

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