I've had a serious case of Gaga fever this past few days. Applause is such an amazing song and i cant even put it in words! It was an amazing come back for Gaga and i can say that this song helped her to get back again. After her surgery, the singer stopped her Monster Ball Tour due to her serious hip injury but now she's back on track again! With her new hit single "Applause" the singer came back on top along with the new fans and it made her fans want "Artpop" eve



n more. we couldn't wait any longer! Will "Artpop" be way different from "Born this way"? One thing is for sure, Gaga singing live will never change! She's still amazing. Even after her surgery, the singer still managed to sing and dance flawlessly at the MTV VMA's. Her changing several times showed her  transformation from "The Fame" to "Artpop" and that she would never stop Transforming for the people and the applause. Gaga has been an inspiration to millions of people ac ross the world 

including me! Now that she's back, Little Monsters are hella sure to make history again for "Artpop". are u ready? 

Lady Gaga - Applause (Official)03:35

Lady Gaga - Applause (Official)

Applause - Lady Gaga

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