Hi monsters,

maybe it's a good idea if I introduce myself to you.. I live in Belgium & here Lady Gaga is very famous!

I'm not that long a little monster.. A few months ago a friend of me, btw a huge fan of Gaga, learnt me important things about her. Then I started to listen to her music and I have to say, she's awesome! In every song I hear I can see a bit of myself.. Normally I'm very timide, I don't do such things as writing a blog. But this is different.

Few weeks ago I bought her newest CD "BORN THIS WAY". I'm sooooo in love with that CD..

Can't stop listening to it.. I can't say there is one song I don't like, I like/love them all.. Think "Hair" is my favourite!

Few month ago my boyfriend dumped me, first I was very sad but LadyGaga gave me the strenght to forget him.

Her song "Hair" is one for me.. Just love me for who I am (that's the most important thing)

Don't know if you know me better but if you have questions, just ask pls!!



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