Lady Gaga Pure Romance Tapa

Cover for the album

Pure Romance
is an EP by Lady Gaga, created by LosSims2. It's going to be released, nearly, in December 2015, then of The Colour Collection. "I wanted to make an album like Unforgettable Love but with least tracks. I included a lot of remixes and the singles are going to be cool, but I don't know when I'm going to be able to release the motherf***ing album!" Gaga said. It is her last production till' the moment.


  • She will have a duet with Beyoncé.
  • "A Whole New Summer" from Year Of Dreams will appear in this album (Katy Perry ft. Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga version)
  • It will not have a parental advisory sign.
  • No song called "Pure Romance" is known.
  • It has 7 tracks, and probably a mash-up will be added


  • Pure Romance cover
  • Pure Romance leaked back-cover

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