I've noticed that Gaga has recently been alluding to Gwen Stefani quite a bit lately. She has worn similar hair styles that Gwen wore during her No Doubt days. Such as in Sydney, the look with her bangs rolled back and she also wore a lock around her neck, something Gwen used to do during Tragic Kingdom era.

Gaga also tweeted about being drug way like she was crazy, this alludes to Gwen being drug off in the It's My Life music video. Gaga has worn both white fur and black fur similar to that of the fur stole Gwen wore in the It's My Life video. 

All of this paired with Gaga's recent tweet about No Doubt makes me think Gaga has either been inspired by Gwen Stefani for the next era or has been inspired by It's My Life for new single like she was inspired by I Was Born This Way for Born This Way.

In addition, Gaga was recently photographed in Harajuku while in Japan, Gwen is known for her hit song Harajuku Girls. 

This is all just speculation but I figure BORN THIS WAY: IT'S MY LIFE or THE TRAGIC KINGDOM could be an interesting era for Gaga to bring to us next.

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