Lady Gaga and Madonna went head to head in a popularity contest among fans and Gaga won. The article that discusses the contest is below:

Lady Gaga has officially beat Madonna in the latest battle pitting these two icons against each other. It came down to the very last-minute in the fierce competition. Fans on both sides were campaigning for their chosen superstar to win in the first round of VH1's Greatest Women in Pop challenge.

Gaga and Madonna were neck and neck with votes sitting at an equal 50 percent for both. Gaga started inching ahead and managed to take home the title in the first round with 51 percent of the votes. Little Monsters flooded Twitter with pleas for votes. It obviously worked and Gaga has moved on to the second round.

Now, Gaga is up against Britney Spears. Is there really any competition there? Britney won her first round against Rihanna. The landslide win ended with Britney scoring 78 percent of the votes, while Rihanna was left with an embarrassing 28 percent. What happened to Rihanna's fans?

As the second rounds continues, Mariah Carey and Beyonce will battle it out as well. That should be interesting. Mariah won her first round against Katy Perry with a 60 percent vote. Beyonce kicked Jennifer Lopez off the block with 69 percent of the votes in their battle.

It is almost a given Lady Gaga will beat Britney. It is very likely Beyonce will beat Mariah. That will leave a final showdown between the former "Telephone" partners. Who will be crowned the Ultimate Woman of Pop? The winner is solely based on fan votes. The second round wraps up tomorrow, with the final battle being decided on Monday.

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