A new article confirms that Lady Gaga wants to be a mom and wants Taylor to be the father. The article reads: Lady Gaga reportedly wants to settle down and start a family within a year, and it seems she's sure she wants boyfriend Taylor Kinney to be the dad. In fact, she's even bragged to friends about how beautiful their children will be.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, no word has been mentioned about marriage before having that child, but friends think that's on Gaga's mind as well.

"For the first time in her life, Gaga has babies on the brain," a source says. "Gaga knows that Taylor is The One, and she wants children with him as soon as possible."

The two have been an item since they worked together on her You and I music video.

"She's told her friends and family that it's going to happen within a year. She's been thinking of baby names, but is keeping them a secret. And she brags to everyone about how beautiful their children will be because Taylor is so gorgeous," the source adds.

Can you imagine Lady Gaga as a mother? Will she call her baby a "little monster" like she calls all of her fans?

If Gaga were to marry Taylor Kinney, can you imagine the wild theatrics that would likely be included in the wedding ceremony--from setting to reception? A Lady Gaga wedding could even usurp the hype and height of a Kim Kardashian wedding--don't you think?

Will Lady Gaga be planning a wedding to Taylor Kinney in the near future? And will that momentous occasion soon be followed by the announcement of the impending birth of a little Gaga?

As peculiar as these thoughts are, the results will no doubt prove intriguing!

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