Many of the little monsters are thinking that Lady Gaga will begin the tour this year and the new album will be released in half or late 2013. Also, they are wondering which will be the Born This Way sixth single. Some want Scheisse, others Heavy Metal Lover, Bloody Mary, etc.

Well, I don't think this. I think that Lady Gaga will release an album THIS year and she will put the songs from Born This Way and the new album in the tour setlist, and for me, this is the why Gaga hasn't started the tour. She is waiting to finish and publish the new album. For me, doesn't make sense start a tour 8 months after the album release. You may say: But I see many pages that say that in February 17th she will reveal the tour dates... GagaDaily says this... But all the websites can be wrong. I remember when Gaga said that she wanted the little monsters to choose the fourth single, GagaDaily created a poll, Scheisse won, but Gaga choose Yoü and I instead. Gaga is unpredictable. I really think she will release an album this year.

And now the single... For me, many songs from BTW can be singles (Gov. Hooker, Americano, Hair, Scheisse, Bloody Mary, Heavy Metal Lover) but I don't think BTW can have many singles. I think only 7 and we have 5. We have 2 songs to become singles and Scheisse for many of us is one of the best options. Only remain a song, and I believe that Bloody Mary is the next after Marry the Night (Scheisse is the last single). Clinton Sparks made a remix of this song and why he made it? I don't think because he had nothing to do and say: I'm boring, let's do a Bloody Mary remix. The remix is released tomorrow and we will know why he did a that remix.

But, this is only my opinion, I respect the others opinions from others little monsters. And... what do you think?

NOTE: Sorry for the bad grammar and bad english.

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