I received some requests from some of you wanting to be an admin. In order to be fair to everyone, I'm writing this on a blog.

We just named a new admin this past week and as you might know, we don't name a new admin very often. In the past, it's about 1 once a year. If you can handle that it might take a year before we name a new admin then you will have a shot. Being an admin is not about the title or the "rank" or being popular or when you registered. It's about working hard, being nice to the others users, bringing new ideas to the table. In general, candidates should generally be active and regular Gagapedia contributors for at least several months, be familiar with the procedures and practices of Gagapedia, respect and understand its policies, and have gained the general trust of the community.

For all of you who want to be an admin in the future, please ask yourself if you can really commit and then, work your way up. Ask me or the other admins what you can do to help if you can't find anything. Propose any idea you think would really benefit the project and this way you’ll get noticed and eventually, promoted.

There is no profile for an admin, we have admins who edit daily and other who contribute weekly or monthly. The key here is quality contribution. It's not about being the first either. We have all a life outside of this project. The key is about quality, I can't stress this enough.

At the end, we don't have a limit of admins but truth be told, you don't have to be an admins to claim it's your "site/project/wiki". It is the minute you visited it more than once, yup. If you love the project, doesn't matter if you contributed or not to it, as long as you love the project, it's yours as much as anybody else. Doesn't mean you are allowed to screw it up, we had to etablish rules so 99.9% of us can enjoy something that is coherent, consistent, honest and written with nothing but love on their minds. Admins are the one that have the mission to make it possible for that 99.9% to enjoy the project.

Being an admin is not for everyone but being part of our family, as long as you respect each others, you are part of it. If after all of that, you still want to be an admin.. then:

Remember when Gaga talked about how she had to "hustle and grind" her way so radio station would play her music? It's the same thing here, work hard and you'll be rewarded.

Be patient, share the love.

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