Nearly a 2 weeks after the release of Born This Way, here I am writing a short review of the hugely awaited single from Born This Way. After a few seconds into the songs, the listener have the pleasure to hear the Alejandro meet Dance In The Dark sleek intro. The perfect way to enter directly into this new era of Lady Gaga's career. On the first listen, the song took somewhere dark with a retro beat, wait what, retro beat? This is not the sledge-hammering dance beats many fans thought Born This Way the song was. Instead, the beat have hand claps and the synth sound like a pipe organ. The whole vibe of the song is some kind of space gospel jam straight from the Lady Gaga church. (I'm the only one who wanted to hear the "let's go to church" line from her regular speech during Teeth at The Monster Ball Tour in the intro?). I'll not delve into the Express Yourself debate simply because I don't have the hability to clearly set thing in perspective (I love both artists very much).

Back on track, baby, how's the song? Pretty good if you see the records flying right to left regarding the song. A really simple (no blood, no sparks) but a very tight and energetic performance at the Grammy. And a sure to be classic music video to go with it. The song is not my favorite ever Gags song as this is for sure not the best song on this album. The song is unapologetic lyrics-wise with a rough beat. You can dance through it but not at the way through, it's no Telephone. I understand why she put the song first and I'm very eager to listen to the rest of the album. I might sound very hypocrite to say I love the song but I don't play it much versus say Bad Romance. I'm honest and so far, I love her live version a lot more. The live band, the vocal, the energy.... less perfect and more pure. The song resonate within me in this live version so much. I made a Grammy Mix and I listen to it a lot more than the album version so far.

The good news is: the song is great and I have to live with it a little bit more until I can really appreciate every single bits in it!

The bad news is: I want to hear JUDAS already... !

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