Some of you might have seen the many edits we (the admins) did these past weeks and it's nowhere near the end of it, but we're getting there.

I love title so I gave that new "update" the nickname "Phase One" as it's our first major update involving every (at least, a lot of our pages) aspect of the GP.

To sum up the new "concept", everything about each album will be grouped together so for example all her looks (fashion), every magazines (covers and regular feature), interviews (radio, tv, web, etc), performances (tour, tv, promo). The main idea is to experience the album by itself with everything that comes with it. In a way, the Gagapedia becomes a digital archive with virtual room dedicated to each of her album as "main theme".

Since we are a wiki and not a real book or museum, we had to create indexes so you can browse these new sections by "portals" (music, fashion, performances, media, etc.) or by album ("era").

I am still designing the new pages but we are making a lot of progress and soon, I'll be able to start "To Do" pages so everybody (yes, YOU) can help us. I'll write down what you can do from very little to a lot of stuff on each section. So stay tuned!

Until then...We are always looking for writerS (people who can write well and are polite, we don't bite.. we just want to keep our friendly environment. We have very little job to some seriously interesting feature for you. So if you want to be a writer on the GP. Leave a comment below and if you have a subject preference too (fashion, live show, music, etc).

Also, if you have any idea or feedback about some of our new pages, comment below :) We WANT to make the best Digital Archive about Gaga and we can't do this without youuuuu!

ETA July 3th:

Right now, our focus is on the "core". I did so far all the new Fashion and Mass Media pages.. still have the Performances, Music, Haus, Gaga to go. I'm working on doing a model page for each type of page. For example, all magazine pages should be like V .. so magazine like ASOS need to be re-done. In short, Mag page = transcription + scans only. All fashion credits from photoshoot should only be included on the photographer page like Mariano Vivanco. So photographer, biography, shooting with outtakes (no scans unless there's no "text-less" version). So as you can see, I had to create the new model/layout and now, with a list of magazines/photographers.. everyone could help us rework the pages to make them alll follow this new system. That's only for Magazine and photographer... so what about designers? Makeup artists? Well, It's all included in my draft on paper and you'll see what to do with them in the near future.

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