Schedule report as of Dec 2012

MiKael December 18, 2012 User blog:MiKael

The whole project as a whole is WIP (work in progress) but even the structure is not finished yet. I am currently working on completing what I named the "final steps" of the "era system".

After years of adding content, we are finally getting to a point when we're reaching the limit of what is widely available. Which mean we can 'complete' our eras !!!

Structure progress

Pages Main The Fame TFM BTW
Index TBS Started x
Background x Started x
Music Done
Video Agpuh WIP design
Fashion Done
Performances Done
Media TBS Started x x

Following the completion of these pages, this will end the implementation of an era system.

  • Notes for the media pages:
  • The goal is to make at least a "stub" level for each of these pages.

Media implementation

Following the structure update, we have a bunch of new pages to do so the question is.. should we do them now or ...?

The Fame era project

It was established between KER and I that our goal is to complete TF era before we get to Artpop.

What is left to do..

  • 20xx: we are up to July (end: September)
    • Then go back and re-add a few infos we missed the first run + month summaries
  • The Fame Ball: the page need to be completed.


  • Promo tour: add more infos
  • New Kids: add more infos, light reworking
  • Doll Domination: add infos
  • Media (?)
  • Videos: expand a bit, add more infos

Somewhere in the pipeline

These new layouts are still a WIP. Probably these will be used for the Artpop era unless they can be added before but I pretty much doubt it's possible. That will probably require that both of them be included as a project due to the high amount of pages involved.

  • Album
  • Song

Not actually being worked on but will be updated someday..

Besides these 2 'huge' type of pages, the only things left are the minor sections such as..

  • Haus of Gaga
  • Gaga + Dada..Haus members (system for credits, page layout, etc)
  • Photographers (optimize, media integration)

So that was for the "design" projects. For content now... that's up to decide if we do "era" by era as a whole then later get back and do 100% each sub-hubs.

  • Add "Early years/amateur years" as an era with all the content related to that.

Eventually, we'll get to a point where we can list what infos are still missing (like which fashion credits, etc.)

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