THIS POST IS NOT UP TO DATE, CHECK THE BORN THIS WAY (ALBUM) PAGE. Every day since the first annoucement that the third album was already in process of being created, the Gagapedia became the hot spot for fake songs and rumors coming from left to right. This blog entry is the place where I post official informations about the album. No rumors or fake "tips from insiders".


  • The album is not coming in 20101 but in 2011 probably after the end of The Monster Ball Tour: this means a spring/summer release.
  • Lady Gaga is already planning her third world tour.2
  • You and I will be on the third album.
  • The album title "should" be revealed early next year. “I think I’m just gonna get the album title tattooed on me and put out the photo. I’m going to announce the title of the of the album at midnight on New Year’s.”2


  1. CNN with Larry King Live, June 1st, 2010
  2. Rolling Stone, 8 July 2010, Issue 1108-1109
  3. Various night for The Monster Ball Tour, for example she said one night "It's on my new album, so you better learn the words because you'll be singing it for the next 10 years."


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