Here are some examples of what you can do as of July 4, 2012:

  • Add the new candids (pics) on 2012/July USING THE NAMING SYSTEM.
  • Describe what happened with these pictures, what’s the context or the location.


  • I moved the content by era, you can edit the page here.
  • Move each merch into the right tour section, you can use this page ProductsAndEndorsementsByEra
  • I had the idea that merchandise should be divided into the “era” (albums) they were first shown or sold. Since t-shirts sold during The Fame Ball Tour are no longer available, it can confuse people if they find it on the list.


  • Add the new candids to the respective designers’ page.


  • Look for magazine covers that we don’t have
  • Add transcription to magazine scans or add new scans that we DIDN’t have


  • Verify if we have every single released (only official with barcode or sold from reputable online music store such as Amazon, iTunes, beatport, etc.)
  • Do we cover everything for every song? Such as song background, composition.


  • Write summary of a music videos or any pages that are on the videography page.


  • Venue page should have the set list, a transcript of any script that isn’t a regular one (such as her “I’m not a product of your “country” speech on the BTW Ball), issues that happened (mic went off, anything like that), did she wore something a fan have thrown at her?
  • This include every venue from early promo dates in 2008 to the BTW Ball.
  • Help fill the summary of each song on our BTW Ball summary, it should include every change she did from the first date of the tour until now, clothes, lightning, new speeches, etc.
  • In the same way, we need help on earlier tour too such as the Fame Ball, Doll Domination. All you need really is some time to check youtube and be able to write a few sentences!
  • Fill the page about her performance on TV, who danced with her, the band, transcript of the interview, etc.


  • Complete short summary of each section on her biography page
  • Philanthropy: include on the year or month pages (Digital Life Sacrifice, Tohuku earthquake, 2010 haiti earthquake, Viva Glam, RE*Generation, etc)
  • Rewrite the biography by year instead of "era" (LG/TF, TFM,BTW and Early Years)
  • Exception: 1986-2003, the rest if possible by year.
    • On her "amateur years", include a month division with performances, infos, photoshoots.


I'll from time to time revisit this blog to add more content as this not an exhaustive list in any way.

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