I'm lurking on Twitter a lot lately in order to promote the Gagapedia along with my good attitude and positivity. I can't stand hate and I'll unfollow people who bash/insult artist in a very useless way. I read every single mention (@gagapedia) there is. Oh, I have to clear things up: My heart break each and every time someone ask me to tell Gaga to meet them or say Happy Birthday to them.... the truth is I'm not in a position where I can do that. I have never met her (yet) and my limited contacts don't extend to favor like these.So please stop asking me, I feel bad ignoring all of you!

Also, I usually try to reach out to sad or angry followers and do my best to help them. In a way, I break my own rule as the Gagapedia must remain "faceless". Why? Because I'm serious about the THIS IS OUR PROJECT speech I do every single day. This is not my kingdom or my website, I'm a part of it. I take my pride in working with people every day to make it better. I don't want fame or "web celebrity status", I really don't. I don't even know how I could take myself seriously and be a star with that. I want to have fun with this project and grow as a human too.

Back on my Twitter habits, It's about the world, it's about giving back. This is not my "job" as part of the Gagapedia. As you can see it's much more than just a wiki, it's being active in a "community" within the world and to care about fans or regular music lover. I like to chit chat with a bunch of fans (like me) and use my ressources. I use my personnality to make the GP engaging ;)

Finally, I take time to build trust with fans/followers/friends so we can make the Gagapedia something better. It's not a website done by three guys, it's impossible, it's way too big. The only solution in order to achieve our goal is to get people to contribute. We have to be interesting, fun, open - make the whole project living and breathing. Not something cold, so serious nobody would ever want to help. How can we invite people to join us?

Well, Twitter is one way and I'm doing my best to use it that way ;) So don't be shy!

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