I wanted to make these new guidelines (also known as "Phase One") perfect or at least avoid redoing it in the upcoming months. Clearly, it's impossible as I'm working on uncharted territority for the most part. I'm doing my best to create new rules/layout/etc to enhance what we already have and scratch the surface of the future. I want to make the GP more warm, more than just an encyclopedia, something unique, fresh.

New guidelines (Last update: May 11)

  • For song being a single, merge (single), (music video), (music video fashion) in order to make it like Born This Way (song).
  • For album, include list of editions, singles, booklet, see Born This Way (album)
  • For tour, include fashion, backdrops, synopsis, dates (1), see Monster Ball

(1) Include only dates from the tour with performances related (I mean that the show was not part of the tour dates but the visual, set list is very similar). The rest of the performances should be on Performances (Album). Check Performances (The Fame Monster) to help you.

New rules (Update: May 11)

  • Long page, please include the lyrics in a "scroll box". For small article, don't do it as people with iPhone can't read the lyrics. It's really to keep the reading experience easier so for now, only on long page (until I can find something better).
  • Bootlegs: you can remove them..
  • If a song is unreleased with no lyrics, don't leave "unreleased" as lyrics.. just remove that section. Why? The page look unfinished and clearly it's not ;)

Progress (Update: May 11)

  • I'm still working on the "era" concept, right now, you need to know that we divide content by "era" when we have too much content.
  • Started some rough draft on the "FASHION" side of the project. I want to make it easier to find a style (whole outfits) and even just shoes for example. I realy like the concept of reworking a list into a gallery so it's a lot easier to find/identify.
  • My guideline for "Media" related page is not finished yet.

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