Well, still, not that open to the Gaga world, only a couple of place for now... more to come for sure. I still want to finish converting all the singles with the new one (like here). Anyone can do it if they have the time too. I'm done also with the 300 concerts (more than that actually!) and most of the songs page look nice.

To be done soon

  • Official merchandise (add the new stuffs)
  • Converting the singles + The Fame (album)
  • Insert the rest of the unreleased songs (nothing really important there, around 18 songs) (5-6 songs left)
  • Add more internationnal editions of The Fame + remove 2 pages to add them on the list of inter. version
  • Add template for References...

I received many rave comments about the project and I thank everybody for that. I'm working really hard to create the BEST wikipedia while staying true to Gaga (aka fashion and technology). In the following week, many more fan website will receive a email from me about the Gagapedia in hope to recrute more members and also to get known around the web. The next step: contacting the management, dad and herself in hope to either receive informations or/and be sure everything is legal and get their opinions about the project. (cross fingers about that, I got great things from her former producer .. so maybe!?). The final step: opening other version (French, Deutsh, Spanish, Italian, Japanese... ), this would really mean a lot to get international scope with this baby of mine.

MiK out..

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