Valentin Abramovich Yudashkin (Russian: Валентин Абрамович Юдашкин; born October 14, 1963) is a Russian fashion designer who founded his own label in 1988. Born in Moscow Oblast. In 1986 he graduated with honors and a distinction from the Moscow Industrial Secondary School with two degrees: history of traditional costumes and make-up and decorative cosmetics. In 1994, he became a member of the High Fashion and prêt-à-porter Association of Russia and played the leading role in the creation of the Moscow Fashion Week. Soon after the Yudashkin Fashion House was accepted as a member of the Syndicat de la Haute Couture in Paris and it was the first time in the fashion industry history that such a respectable organization admitted a Russian member. In 2010, he redesigned Russia's military uniforms, creating 85 designs to dress all branches of the Russian armed services.

Spring/Summer 2016 Haute Couture CollectionEdit


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