Valerj Pobega is an Italian fashion designer and artist based in Los Angeles, CA, who founded her brand in 2008. Growing up in Alghero, a city western-bearing island of Sardinia. Born into a family of artists (mother and father). After her mother guided her in developing basic sewing skills, she started to piece together dresses for her dolls, eventually leading her to sketch and design for her own wardrobe. During the time she spent in Rome and Milan, she was noticed by the local couture houses. After, she began modeling with well-established companies including Valentino, Fendi and Egon von Furstenberg. She studied Art but Fashion and patternmaking courses, which led to the creation of her first clothing line, KG 363. This contemporary ready-to-wear collection quickly became successful and went on to be sold in some of the country’s finest boutiques, most notably Corso Como 10 in Milan.

"Bondage": Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Edit

"Kabaret 1939": Fall 2011 Collection Edit

Link Edit

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