ViVi (ヴィヴィ) is a Japanese fashion magazine published by Kodansha.

September, 2009Edit

(Partial translation)
Gaga-chan’s fashion is amazing!! by Kumi

Kumi: I’ve heard that there are times that when you create a song you start with creating an image out of fashion.

Gaga: That’s true! My balloon dress was such a case. I don’t see myself as a pop singer. I see myself as a pop performance artist. There’s a concept behind every of one of my creations; I can’t throw away my creations after [showing them off in] one PV or TV show! I believe it’s important to make people remember them by wearing them repeatedly and burning them into everyone’s mind.

Kami: Are you studying fashion a lot?

Gaga: Yes, I am! I don’t look at magazines often. That’s because I keep my eyes on the future. My objective is always to see the things that I did in my videos featured in a magazine afterwards.

Kumi: You are very original and always dress yourself stylishly. Like these shoulder pats.

Gaga: Shapes are very important to me. For example, when I leave through the door I try to leave behind my own style. I want to make the kind of fashion that just by seeing the silhouette everyone can understand that that’s Gaga. I wish for everyone to also discover his or her own style. Buy a t-shirt and try to cut it the way you like! Make it your own style.

Kumi is a pretty person just like in her PV’s ♥ by Gaga.

Gaga: What’s important in your style?

Kumi: The one thing where I pay the most attention to is if you can recognize the style easily! That’s because Japanese and Americans have different body figures. Americans have long legs. You can see that in the style bon-kyu-bon* they solve that by putting stress on the waist via corsets.

Gaga: Really? You say that, Kumi, but that isn’t pretty like what I saw in your PV’s! I think American women would like to be reborn as Japanese women since they are so slender. Funny, isn’t it? (laughs)

Kumi: Really?? How strange! I guess the grass looks greener on the other side (laughs). By the way, is that outfit (p.33 upper right photo) made of plastic? That’s painful to wear, isn’t it?

Gaga: It’s painful (laughs). That’s why just before a TV show I had to alter my dance.

Kumi: (laughs). I guess endurance is also important in fashion.

Vivi: What’s your impression of each other?

Gaga: I’m happy I got to meet Kumi! I’m a huge fan. I’ve seen all her PV’s. TABOO is my favourite one! Kumi: I’m also very happy ♥ I learned about Gaga-chan via an overseas TV show. Her pitch is great! I wondered how can she could sing so well while dancing at the same time when I saw her.

Vivi: Please tell us about your hairstyles.

Kumi: Gaga-chan, that isn’t your real hair, is it?

Gaga: It’s a wig.

Kumi: I’ve cut my hair short because there are a lot of women in Japan with long hair.

Vivi: What do you do on your day off?

Gaga: I drink (laughs).

Kumi: I only watch DVD’s. Like Sex and the City, L’s World and Desperate Housewives etc.

Vivi: Please talk about what you’re wearing today!

Gaga: I’m wearing rhombus shaped velvet joined together with a cat suit and Chanel shoes. I made the wig myself.

Kumi: Because I would be photographed with Gaga-chan, I’m wearing lots of ‘nudie’ and sexy things to fit with her.

Photoshoot by Chiaki Oshima.

November, 2009Edit

Photoshoot by Leslie Kee.
  • Elephant hair hat — Shinji Konishi for Nagi Noda

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