Citi Performing Arts Center, formerly the Wang Center for the Performing Arts, is a theatre located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

December 1-2, 2009Edit

Opening act: Semi Precious Weapons, Kid Cudi

Additional notes:
  • During the first show, "Poker Face" was performed right after the acoustic version, and with the same intro of the opening night.
  • The "Puke Film" music was late so Gaga had to stay on stage until the music finished to start singing "LoveGame"
  • Audio from the remaining interludes was late for a several seconds.
  • When Gaga was singing "Fashion", there were technical difficulties. The backtrack skipped, and she lost the rhythm. Her right shoulderpad was broken.
  • The Fernando Garibay remix of "Paparazzi" was played, and Gaga lost some lines at the beginning.
Set list:
  1. Jumping Film (Intro) (contains elements of "Dance in the Dark" and "Finally 2008")
  2. "Dance in the Dark"
  3. "Just Dance"
  4. Puke Film (Desert) (contains elements of "Tears in the Rain")
  5. "LoveGame"
  6. "Alejandro"
  7. Raven Film (Forest) (contains elements of "Girls" and a vocal sample of "Money Honey")
  8. "Monster"
  9. "So Happy I Could Die"
  10. "Teeth"
  11. "Speechless"
  12. "Poker Face" (Acoustic)/"Make Her Say" (Performed with Kid Cudi)
  13. Tank Girl Film (Egypt) (contains elements of "Dirty Freak" and a vocal sample of "Beautiful, Dirty,Rich")
  14. "Fashion"
  15. "The Fame" (contains elements of "Ghosts N Stuff")
  16. "Money Honey"
  17. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" (contains elements of "Dirty Freak")
  18. Antler Film (City) (contains elements of "Fancy Footwork" and "Shook One Pt. II")
  19. "Boys Boys Boys"
  20. "Paper Gangsta"
  21. "Poker Face"
  22. Monster Film (Manifesto of Little Monsters)
  23. "Paparazzi" (Fernando Garibay remix)
  24. "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" (Encore)
  25. "Bad Romance" (Encore)
  26. Tattoo Film (Opera - Outro)

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