WOUND was a magazine from the United States.

Issue 5 (Winter, 2008)Edit

On a cold, grey London morning a tiny girl steps out of a huge black car. Out comes neon sky high heels, teeny ripped denim shorts and the only thing I can see of her face behind the black balaclava, it seems that only her face feels the cold, is a thick blonde fringe and enormous sunglasses. She removes the glasses and underneath is a rather sweet but slightly tough looking young girl. Her New York drawl is soothing but direct, she never struggles to find a word, when she speaks you listen. Her incredible self assurance and confidence belie her 22 years but never descends to arrogance. This, along with her unyielding passion and believe in her work, is a formidable combination and it is no surprise that she has become a pop force to be reckoned with.

Why Lady Gaga?
It's from the Queen record Radio Gaga. I was in the studio one day with my producer and I was performing for him, playing the piano and doing all these exaggereated and movements and singing, and he was like; 'you're so gaga! You're so theatrical when you perform, you're like Freddie Mercury!' So he started calling me that all the time and it became my nickname. Then I added Lady, if anything it's more about the irony of putting lady next to gaga, whatever language you speak gaga means crazy and it just really fits who I am.
How have you found 'Making it' as a new artist?
Well, it's the first released album, I've been writing the record for 2 years but I've beeng gigging in New York for 7 or 8 years. There were times when it was difficult. [Incomplete]
How did you become Gaga?
I was really into theatre and I went to college early, I got into the school or arts, I studied theatre and music but I really didn't like the school. It was like a sausage factory. [Incomplete]
Do you think of Gaga as your alter ego?
When are you not Gaga?
When I have sex. Don't call me Gaga when you're in my bed. (laughs) Gaga is really just who I am. I don't have a boyfriend, I don't have lots of friends. I love my work. I'm married to my work [...] it's all day, I'm a total control freak, I'm [...] bossy and I really don't care about anything but my work. And I think very highly of what I [...] a world that think very low of pop so I've tried to work extra hard because I'm trying to really change the way that people look at my generation of music. Because I don't make underground records that are passing for pop music, I make pop records that underground kids like listening to and aren't ashamed to raise the flag for [...] bit reversed for me.
You said that you wanted to change the world one sequin at a time, but what would Gaga's world be?
For real? (she lifts up her wrist to an [...] boom tattoo and is silent for the time since she arrived.) That's my ideal world. I grew up right by the Imagine memorial, I used to go there every day on the way to school. To me (John Lennon) had the most lucid dream, about the perfect world... but I don't really usually ever talk about those things because I write songs about New York and underwear, money, sex and drugs. So until I prove myself as an artist it's hard to speak about world peace. I got this (the tattoo) when I was 19 when I was having this real fucking love affair with The Beatles and John and I was listening to Double Fantasy, the record that he did with Yoko One. That's part of what I [...] I say one sequin at a time, there's a humour to [...] records, you know? I take myself and my work very seriously but it doesn't always need to be that serious. We don't always need to be writing records that we want to slit our wrists when we're done, you know? Let's go to a party, let's have a good time and let's celebrate art and fashion.
Article by Nix, photography by Jonny Storey

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