Lady Gaga
Writer(s) Lady Gaga
Producer(s) Rob Fusari

"Yay Ha" is a song written by Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari (Team Love Child) in 2006. The song was a part of a demo Gaga recorded. Other songs on the demo included "Wonderful", "Retrosexual", "Rockshow" (Written as "Rock Show"), "Spin U Around" (Written as "Spin You Around"), and "Oh Well". The song title can be heard in the song, "So Happy I Could Die".



  • Stefani Germanotta P/K/A Lady Gaga (BMI) Sony/ATV Songs, LLC/ House of Gaga Publishing, LLC / GloJoe Music Inc. (BMI)
  • June Bug Alley (ASCAP)
Producer: Rob Fusari (2006—2007)  · Songs included on The Fame