Released June 29, 2010
Length 00:33:11
Producers Jack Joseph Puig, Semi Precious Weapons
Label Geffen/Perezcious/Streamline/Cherrytree Records
Singles from You Love You

You Love You is the debut studio album of American glam rock band, Semi Precious Weapons. It was released on June 29, 2010 by Geffen Records. The album was produced by Jack Joseph Puig and Semi Precious Weapons with Lady Gaga as executive producer.

Track list

# Name Time
1. "Semi Precious Weapons"   03:06
2. "Put A Diamond In It"   03:10
3. "Magnetic Baby"   02:44
4. "Statues Of Ourselves"   04:41
5. "Sticky With Champagne"   03:27
6. "I Could Die"   02:42
7. "Leave Your Pretty To Me"   04:30
8. "Rock N Roll Never Looked So Beautiful"   05:52
9. "Look At Me"   03:44


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